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Cochecito - Toy car for ForestFinance

Cochecito is Spanish for "small car". The sturdy wooden toy, for children from two to five years old can be built, taken apart and rebuilt again. A simple plugsystem and a selection of six different elements allowes to build a variety of individual models. Creativity and imagination are encouraged in a playful way. The tropical wood for Cochecito comes from an environmentally managed forest in Panama. If you enter the GPS-data width of 8 ° 13'36 .78'' N, longitude 81 ° 52'58 .03'' W on Google Earth, you will find the homeforest of the Cochecito.


ForestFinance has planted ecological mixed forests in Panama since the 90ies. It is their goal to convert the value of these certified and sustainably managed forests into economic and ecological investment products.